Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Requirement for Licensure

A valid, unrestricted license to practice medicine in a state of the United States is required of all candidates. A photocopy of the medical license in the state of the current practice must be submitted with the application. Candidates with restricted, suspended or revoked license in any jurisdiction at the time of application, will not be admitted to the examination or be certified.


Substantiation of Clinical Competence

The application must contain substantiation of the Diplomate’s satisfactory clinical competence in Sleep Medicine. This substantiation must be provided by the program director in the Sleep Medicine fellowship or by two references in a supervisory role over the applicant if applying via the Clinical Practice Pathway. One of the references must be by the CEO or Director of the Sleep Medicine Laboratory where the applicant has privileges.



A. Training Requirement

Candidates must possess a valid certification certificate by their primary AOA Board and have completed a 12 month AOA approved fellowship in Sleep Medicine which was completed after July 1, 2008

B. Clinical Practice Pathway

If applying via means of the Clinical Practice Pathway the applicant must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. 30 hours of CME in Sleep Medicine over the preceding 24 months prior to application for examination.
  2. Possess privileges in a certified sleep medicine laboratory and be able to verify.
    1. Interpretation of a minimum of 200 overnight polysomnographic (PSG) tests and 25 multiple sleep latency (MSLTs) and/or maintenance of wakefulness tests (MWTs) in the period of 2 years prior to application and verify that at least 30% of the applicant’s clinical activity over the preceding 2 years has been dedicated to the practice of sleep medicine; or
    2. Interpretation of a minimum of 500 overnight PSSGs and 50 MSLts and/or MWTs during the candidate’s career and verify that portion of the applicant’s clinical activity has been dedicated to the practice of sleep medicine with an accumulation of one year of full-time activity achieved over the preceding 5 years.
  3. Applicants who have met requirements 1-2 above and are certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and provide a minimum of 15% of the items for the first exam administration will be granted certification for the period of time remaining on their current certificate but not to exceed 5 years. Recertification will be required thereafter to maintain certification.